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New Aggregated Technology News Channel Launched At

A new aggregated technology and electronics news website has been launched at TechTopic is a free service that provides every technology geek with all the latest gadget news and articles.

(NewsCertain) – TechTopic at is a free electronics and gadget news aggregator. That means it gathers news from hundreds of different sources and websites all around the internet, orders them by categories and then displays them in an easily browsable format.

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Currently the website provides general gadget news at as well as exclusive news on many different electronic products. You can for example find the latest audio and video news at, digital camera headlines at and news on music players at . Other topics include the latest technology press releases from around the world, bluetooth news, home automation news, remote control news and even robot news.

Because the news are gathered from many different sources on the internet automatically the pages on are instantly updated with fresh headlines the moment they become published. In general there are several new news articles released every hour and some topics are even updated every few minutes, so in order to stay informed it might be worthwhile to check back regularly.

“Getting hold of the latest gadget news has never been easier,” said Thomas Höfter, the owner of . “On the TechTopic website the user can find them all nicely ordered by theme and category, which means there won’t be any more need to search through loads of cluttered online e-zines to stay up to date and find information on the latest hi-tech products.”

TechTopic is the successor of the website , which provides aggregated music news, and there are already plans to release more similar websites for several other topics like for example aggregated sports news or entertainment and movie news.

About TechTopic:

TechTopic is part of the Every Topic News Network, a network of many different content aggregation websites with the goal to provide users with news on every topic they desire. Other sites in the network include the music news channel and the cellular phone news site .

About The Lunatic Studios:

The Lunatic Studios are a small, independent web development agency, based in Germany and owned by Thomas Höfter. We publish and promote several large and reputable music, cell phone and entertainment websites on the internet. To learn more about us and find a list of all our internet properties please visit our website at

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