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Yorkon Proves The Case That Off-Site Construction Is Safer Than Site-Based Building Methods

Research carried out by Portakabin subsidiary, Yorkon, has shown that its approach to off-site construction is significantly safer than traditional site-based building methods.

Analysis of Yorkon’s health and safety record over the past two years has revealed 46 per cent fewer incidents compared to construction industry statistics for reportable injuries provided by the Health and Safety Executive. There were no fatalities or major incidents on any Yorkon projects during this period.

The construction industry is one of the UK’s largest employers but its health and safety record is still a major concern. By contrast, off-site working, in a controlled factory environment, results in much improved safety for a permanent, trained labour force, as well as increased productivity.

David Johnson, Director and General Manager of Yorkon, said, “We believe traditional site-based building methods must be challenged – the process is complex, slow, confrontational and can be dangerous. Too many clients and contractors still have to suffer poor productivity, sub-standard quality and uncertainty in cost and programme.”

“The case for prefabrication is clear. Taking the construction process away from muddy sites and into a quality controlled manufacturing centre provides a safer and more efficient working environment, which is not reliant on temporary labour. Windows, for example, are pre-installed in the modules inside a factory, without the need for working at high level on scaffolding.”

“And because much of the construction work is carried out off-site, our building sites are safer, quieter, cleaner and generally less disruptive for the client – an important point where construction projects are located next to schools, on busy hospital sites and in residential areas.”

As part of its commitment to health and safety, every Yorkon site is audited by an independent assessor. These visits are unannounced and reports are submitted at director-level to assess the running of each site from a health and safety perspective and subcontractors’ approach to health and safety, highlighting any recommendations for action. An in-house health and safety officer also carries out regular inspections within the factory.

In addition to improved safety, the Yorkon building system reduces risk for clients and contractors, and offers certainty of cost and programme, shorter lead times, enhanced thermal performance and flexibility in design and layout.

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