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Tunisia Is North African Holiday Favourite

Tunisia has overtaken Egypt as the North African country most visited by UK holidaymakers.

Egypt has historically been the most popular county in the region, but considerable local and foreign investment in hotels and amenities in Tunisia’s coastal resorts has paid off with a boost to the country’s tourist industry.

A report by shows that bookings for flights to Tunisia and hotels in the country have exceeded the number of holiday bookings for its neighbouring countries over the last twelve months.

Tunisia is regarded by British tourists as a luxury location at affordable prices. The hotels are almost all four and five star, available at very reasonable rates.

Part of Tunisia’s appeal is that it is easily accessible for British tourists. The capital, Tunis City is only a three and a half hour flight from London.

Most hotels employ English-speaking staff and although Tunisia is a Muslim country, alcohol is sold in hotels and selected shops.

The Tunisian government has also made strenuous efforts to forge closer trade links with the European Community.

Sousse, “the pearl of the Sahel” is the most famous and popular resort for UK travellers. The other main resorts in the country are Borj Cedria, Hammamet, La Marsa, Mahdia, Monastir, Nabeul, Port El Kentaoui, Skanes, Tozeur and the capital, Tunis.

Tunisia has featured strongly in the films Star Wars Episode 1: The Phantom Menace and The English Patient, bringing the beauty of the country to the attention of British holidaymakers.

The village of Matmata with its distinctive troglodyte underground houses, which date from the fourth century BC, was used as the home of Anakin Skywalker and is a popular excursion destination for visitors to Tunisia.

The country is notable for its diverse landscape, especially in comparison to its neighbours. A third of the country is covered by the Sahara Desert in the South, yet the countryside around the popular resort of Sousse is green and fertile. The Meditteranean resorts in the north, especially Port El Kentaoui, are developing great reputations among watersports enthusiasts.

While the vast majority of bookings are for holidays, many hotels offer conference facilities and the corporate sector is growing.

The report has been compiled from bookings and web searches for flights and hotels to North Africa by British holidaymakers over the last 12 months, by, an online travel agency.

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