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JK Rowling inspires Britain’s undiscovered authors to write a bestseller

More than half of the UK population think they could write a bestselling novel – and JK Rowling is their main inspiration, according to a new survey by The Canopy Channel.

Sadly most budding authors feel they are held back their jobs, even though staggering £25 million adults across the UK hold a burning ambition to write books, especially novels and children’s books, before they die.

The survey of creative talent and ambition in the UK was carried out by the new free online digital library, – a free platform that encourages web users to become journalists and reporters by publishing their documentary articles and films to share online.

JK Rowling was by far the most inspirational author mentioned by respondents to the survey, the second most inspiration author was JRR Tolkein

Top 10 inspirational authors

  • 1. JK Rowling
  • 2. JRR Tolkein
  • 3. Stephen King
  • 4. Charles Dickens
  • 5. Agatha Christie
  • 6. Dan Brown
  • 7. Jilly Cooper
  • 8. William Shakespeare
  • 9. Madonna
  • 10. Julia Donaldson
  • Users of the website can publish books and upload articles free of charge and answers the demand of web users who want to use online libraries to publish creative work.

    A spokesperson for The Canopy Channel said: “We are passionate about the opportunities offered by the internet to allow people to express their creativity.”

    “In a matter of minutes a budding author, journalist, artist, photographer, video maker or musician can see their work published on our site”.

    “There is a wealth of untapped talent out there just waiting to be discovered.”

    Since its launch in November 2006 users have been able to register for a free Canopy Channel account and immediately create their personal network of video, audio or images.

    Anyone can watch videos, listen to music or read articles on The Canopy Channel. They can search by entering common search terms, or they can browse by subject or by channel.

    Also, along with connecting users with video, music from each others, The Canopy Channel delivers interesting and genuine information to people who wish to share expertise about new digital technologies.

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