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Wide range of logistics industry is reflected by analysis of web-usage on online industrial directory

The breadth of services required by purchasing managers and other professionals using storage, packaging and industrial equipment in their working lives is illustrated in a review of searches by users of the Logismarket online logistics directory,

The top searches on reflect the wide variety of services and products available on from the international logistics directory.

The most searched for services and products are:

Storage containers, pallet trucks and waste containers featured heavily in the list. Packaging services and forklift hire are among the industrial equipment very frequently searched for by Logismarket users.

Miguel Davila of Logismarket explained why the research was carried out: “It is important that we offer the services and products people are looking for and ensure they are easy to find in our directory. We will continue to assess traffic and searches within the Logismarket network of sites so we can provide the best possible service to our customers”

The most searched for products are: –

Storage containers
Plastic boxes
Pallet trucks
Label printer
Barcode scanners
Packaging materials
Security seal
Procurement management software
Transport tracking
Industrial shelving
Door manufacturer
Industrial Cleaning

The top category searches on are: -

Storage Systems
Industrial equipment

Users of the Logismarket directories, which are available online, by CD-Rom and as a print catalogue are able to search either by products or company and directly request quotes in order to easily manage their projects.

During January 2007, in excess of 845,000 users visited the Logismarket network of sites.

By the end of 2006, over 2,800 companies, with more than 40,000 product listings have been entered in the Logismarket directories.

Logismarket is a directory of companies and products related to logistics, storage, packaging and industrial equipment.

Logismarket is the meeting point between supplier companies presenting their catalogue of products, and professionals who are looking for and needing top-quality information.

Furthermore, thanks to its global reach, Logismarket allows users to access international companies that also offer their products in markets located in Germany, Netherlands, France, Italy, Spain, Portugal, Poland, Austria, Switzerland and other countries in Europe.

The Logismarket sites provide company and product information, using live, updated content and powered by search engines that allow users to easily navigate the sites and find the products they are looking for.

The complete product files include a detailed description with technical features, photos, a table with variants, as well as additional information in PDF format. Visitors will also find a description of the company’s activity, contact information and access to all products currently on the market.

The analysis of searches within the Logismarket directory was based on navigation within over the last six months (July 2006 to January 2007).

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