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Membership surge announced for the digital file hosting library, The Canopy Channel

The Canopy Channel digital library’s worldwide membership grows as social networkers discover it’s a great place for sharing music and images online

Since its launch in 2006, online digital file hosting library, The Canopy Channel has seen membership rates grow at an unexpected rate, especially in North America and Australia, as well as UK where the company began.

Membership has quadrupled over the last three months and The Canopy Channel’s web analysts are noticing that a high proportion of the traffic is coming from the USA, Canada and the South Pacific, despite the publicity about the opportunities to publish files free online having being directed towards the UK market.

Neil Stapley of The Canopy Channel says: “We didn’t expect our membership to be spread so far around the world and we’re delighted that the new members have found us from their homes in places as diverse as Anchorage, Alaska and Wellington, New Zealand.”

So what is the Canopy Channel?
The Canopy Channel is a free online publishing resource for talented aspiring writers, artists, musicians and other creative types to share their digital creations online. It is a fresh and new arena for artists who are keen to share their talent, creativity and memorable experiences through the web.

Current favourite content on the site includes unreleased demo tracks by cult bands, photo-journalistic records of travel in exotic locations along with original poems and other works by talented writers.

The Canopy Channel is different to other video community sites, such as YouTube, as it acts as a real showcase for original artistic content and personal experiences.

The Canopy Channel provides free memberships and allows artists to share music online anonymously or not. There is no strict censorship, although there are regular checks to avoid the publication of offensive content and spam.

The website has been designed to be as user-friendly as possible for members and for casual web browsers.

It is easy and fun to watch videos, listen to music or read articles on The Canopy Channel. Each user can also search by entering common search terms, or they can browse by subject and within media channel pages.

The website’s layout and the belief in simplicity has played a huge part in the success of the Canopy Channel‘s services.

Another reason for the phenomenal growth could be also attributed to the concept of “BUZZ” (word of mouth advertising) and great interactivity between the users. Through The Canopy Channel members tend to spread their creativity and works with other bloggers.

One can discover for instance “Tommy’s” photographic report on Australia or share with “Peebie” – fantastic unreleased demo tracks by a cult music band.

Topics include just about every artistic subject matter, with articles, images, books and audio sections. Users from all over the world can read and write articles (or even self-publish novels), share photographs, upload video clips, promote music and audio clips for free through The Canopy Channel digital library.

By registering and opening a new account for free at users become a member of the creative community and can immediately form their personal network of video, audio or images.

Visit to share and browse quality sounds, words and pictures by people with imagination and creativity.

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