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Online multimedia library The Canopy Channel, offers a unique new way to share pictures, videos and other digital content online

Private Access Library (PAL) is the new service from The Canopy Channel which empowers families and communities to share digital content via their own private online multi media library

Online digital library The Canopy Channel ( empowers families, groups and communities to create their own multi-media library for sharing digital images, music and other content with the launch of Private Access Library (PAL)

The Canopy Channel has announced the launch of Private Access Library (PAL), a new and unique variation of its hugely successful online multi media library. Members of The Canopy Channel can now set up their own online digital library and share video and audio creations, images and text documents such as articles, essays and fiction, within a closed user group environment.

For PALs created before 1st October 2007 the first year’s subscription will be free.

A PAL works exactly like the main library and users can switch seamlessly between the main library and their personal PAL to share family photos, videos and other digital content online.

Neil Stapley of The Canopy Channel said: “A Private Access Library is like creating your own multi-media website in minutes and at a fraction of the cost. It has everything you need to customise it to your particular needs.”

There is no limit to the number of members a PAL can have, or to the number of PALs a member can set up or belong to.

Neil continued: “The potential applications for this new feature are almost limitless. We think it raises the bar for the big players in this arena”.

This makes a PAL ideal for families, friends, students, work colleagues, teams, clubs and societies, special interest groups and just about any group or community, small or large, local or global, who are interested in sharing their self-created digital media online and share family photos online.
Uniquely, a PAL is organised by its own Librarian. The Canopy Channel has devised a set of powerful tools that enable the Librarian to invite other people to join the PAL and customise it to the users’ particular needs, such as creating its own two-tier library classification system with up to 60 subjects.

The Librarian can also choose to exercise control over items submitted by PAL members. Actions possible include Approve or Decline, Suspend or Archive and Reinstate. All Librarian actions generate a notification email to the member who submitted the item.

For less than £20 ($US40) you and your family or friends can upload and share your videos, photographs, audio clips and written material like articles and fiction, all through a simple, intuitive user interface.

For more information about Private Access Library please go to:

About The Canopy Channel:

Online multi media library, The Canopy Channel launched in 2006 and has members from all around the world who share digital content of all types, including video, audio and music creations, photographs, magazine-style articles, essays, technical papers, poetry and fiction.

Membership of The Canopy Channel is free.

Private Access Library charges
First Annual Subscription
(includes 25 library items) £17.50 inc VAT (free up to 30 September 2007)
Annual subscription £12.50 inc VAT

Additional 25 library items £6.00 inc VAT
Additional 50 library items £10.00 inc VAT
Additional 100 library items £18.00 inc VAT
Additional 250 library items £40.00 inc VAT
Additional 500 library items £70.00 inc VAT

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