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Should SME’s choose On-Premise or Hosted CRM systems? DMC Software Solutions offers expert advice

As hosted CRM solutions have become more sophisticated in recent years, small businesses face the decision about whether to host CRM systems on premise, or choose an externally hosted CRM system. DMC Software Solutions, specialists in training, supporting, supplying and implementing Sage CRM and Microsoft Dynamics business solutions, weigh up the pros and cons.

When companies are choosing their CRM solution they are presented with a host of choices; one key issue that companies face is to decide to choose an On-Premise or Hosted CRM system?

Quite often the outcome will come down to what the company budget permits; an on-premise solution can incur costs from the outset including, the software itself, installation and updates to existing hardware and workstations.

For small businesses with more restrictive budgets hosted CRM systems provide the same functionality without the initial outlay on the software, hardware and setup costs.

A hosted solution can reduce the investment required in resources too, removing the requirement for in-house IT specialists, allowing companies to focus on their core business.

In addition to this, there is no need to monitor the updating and upgrading of the CRM system, all upgrades and updates are applied for automatically by the vendor with the same 24 hour access as if the solution was hosted internally.

Traditionally hosted CRM has meant for many businesses a compromise in security. Security has often been viewed as a risk associated with outsourcing hosting to a vendor, as the data resides in an external data centre. The reality is that a third-party provider can provide a more sophisticated security system than many companies could afford individually and therefore what was once perceived as a disadvantage is an advantage to hosted CRM users.

Today hosted CRM no longer means restrictions. Many hosted systems offer a quick and easy change over between hosted and on-premise and therefore should a change in circumstance arise there is the freedom to easily change where the data resides.
With the exception of very large businesses, a hosted CRM package may be the best option. Many hosted CRM systems have greater functionality than ever before with some even allowing businesses to maintain customisations to their database. Historically, only on-premise CRM solutions were able to be customised to suit the individual needs of businesses.

For the small business, hosted CRM is most certainly the way forward, as it offers the same functionality, flexibility and access as an on-premise solution whilst providing improved security. The hosted CRM solution is already fast growing in popularity, demonstrating that hosted CRM systems are not the risk that they once were.

About DMC Software Solutions:
DMC Software Solutions is a specialist in training, supporting, supplying and implementing Sage CRM business solutions and the full range of Sage integrated accountancy software for companies.
Keeping over 2300 customers in the UK and Europe satisfied, the DMC Software team has received a number of awards from Sage UK over the last six years.
DMC Software experience implementing Sage solutions in small and midsized markets means there is no one better placed than DMC to deliver your Sage accountancy, CRM or a totally integrated Sage Suite.
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