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Pinnacle Systems Unveils New Ultra-Compact USB Digital TV Tuner that Works with both PC and Mac

The PCTV nanoStick Ultimate delivers high performance for Digital TV reception and streams signal up to three PCs on a Home Network. Pinnacle Systems Inc., a part of Avid Technology Inc. (Nasdaq: AVID), announces the Ultimate version of its award-winning PCTV nanoStick. The miniature-sized Pinnacle PCTV nanoStick Ultimate delivers high-quality digital TV for PCs and Macs, allowing users to pause, rewind and record their favourite shows.  Moreover, when used with a PC this tuner streams TV signal up to three PCs on a home network.

The Pinnacle PCTV nanoStick Ultimate is an ultra-compact, USB-powered TV tuner that’s the perfect match for super-slim Windows® and Mac® laptops. Despite its miniature size (5.5 x 2.3 x 1.3cm), the PCTV nanoStick Ultimate delivers high performance: the ultra-sensitive reception technology picks up digital terrestrial TV and radio even in most cases if the signal isn’t strong and it’s also ready for terrestrial HDTV, where available.

PCTV nanoStick Ultimate is an ideal solution for “mixed” Mac/PC households that want one TV tuner solution, while its ultra-compact size and lightweight design make it a truly portable device that’s easy to carry around from home to office or to use while travelling or on holiday.

The mini TV tuner comes packed with the latest user-friendly software, Pinnacle TVCenter Pro for PC and new Elgato EyeTV Lite for Mac. Each of the software enables the Pinnacle nanoStick Ultimate to deliver all the functionality of a fully-fledged Personal Video Recorder (PVR) to a PC or Mac, respectively. The PVR function lets users timeshift and record TV shows in standard and high definition onto the hard drive – while Pinnacle VideoSpin software enables these recordings to be trimmed and edited. Users can watch TV in full-screen or scaleable-window mode and can channel-surf using the mini remote control included.

PCTV nanoStick Ultimate also includes Pinnacle DistanTV which makes it possible for a TV signal to be streamed to as many as three PCs on a home network (LAN). This means users can watch TV programmes on every PC in the house, easily and at a modest cost.

The complete sophisticated software package encompassed in Pinnacle PCTV nanoStick Ultimate comprises:

• Pinnacle TVCenter Pro, which turns a PC or notebook into a full digital recorder, with one-click recording (live or scheduled, MPEG-1/-2, DivX or HDTV1) – that is direct to DVD. It also allows the user to watch TV in full or scaled-down screen, and to use timeshifting to pause and rewind their favourite live TV shows.

• Pinnacle DistanTV turns the PC into a hub, which streams TV signal to as many as three PCs on a home network (LAN). It’s easy to set up in just a few clicks.

• Pinnacle VideoSpin is an entry-level video editing tool that makes it possible for PCTV nanoStick Ultimate users to trim and edit their recordings. Photos and music can be mixed in, titles and transitions can be added, and the edited video can be attached to an e-mail or uploaded directly to popular Web sites like YouTube™ or Yahoo! Video™.

• New Elgato EyeTV Lite Software for Mac, which enables users to watch, pause and rewind live TV and record hours of shows directly onto the Mac.

Pricing and Availability
The Pinnacle PCTV nanoStick Ultimate is Windows Vista certified and works with Windows Media Center. It is ready for digital terrestrial HDTV (in MPEG-4 AVC / H.264), where available. It will be available on the 8th October, and will be available through PC World, Amazon and other major retailers and the Pinnacle Systems estore with a suggested retail price of £49.99

About Pinnacle Systems, Inc.
Pinnacle Systems, Inc., a part of Avid Technology, Inc., is an industry leader in providing a complete set of home video editing and TV viewing tools for the consumer market. The company’s product lines including Pinnacle PCTV™, Dazzle®, Pinnacle ShowCenter®, and its flagship Pinnacle Studio™ line, cover the needs and requirements of any level of video storytellers or consumers who simply want to enjoy TV from their computer. Pinnacle Systems has received nine prestigious Emmy® Awards for its technical innovations and carries the commitment to help consumers enhance, preserve and share their memories with ease. For more information, visit

About Avid Technology, Inc.
Avid is a worldwide leader in tools for film, video, audio, 3D animation, gaming and broadcast professionals – as well as for home audio and video enthusiasts. Avid professional and consumer brands include Avid®, Digidesign®, M-Audio®, Pinnacle Systems®, Sibelius®, Softimage® and Sundance Digital®. The vast majority of primetime television shows, feature films, commercials and chart-topping music hits are made using one or more Avid products. Whether used by seasoned professionals or beginning students, Avid’s products and services enable customers to work more efficiently, productively and creatively. Avid received an Oscar® statuette representing the 1998 Scientific and Technical Award for the concept, design, and engineering of the Avid Film Composer® system for motion picture editing. For more information about the company’s Oscar, Grammy® and Emmy® award-winning products and services, visit


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