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Yorkon launches the highest performing floor option for a modular building


YorkonThe latest innovation for the Yorkon off-site building system is a new high performance floor option for high traffic areas and heavy, variable loads, launched at Interbuild 08.

With a point loading of 7kN and a uniformly distributed load of 9kN/m2, the factory-installed concrete floor is believed to be the highest performing floor for a modular building.

It has been launched by Portakabin subsidiary, Yorkon, following a two-year development and testing programme and offers a range of benefits for steel-framed modular buildings with areas of high footfall or heavy point loading – from retail superstores and convenience stores to education and airport buildings, chemical and pharmaceutical applications such as laboratories and process areas, and buildings where specialist flooring is a requirement.

Features of the new floor option include:•Point loading of 7kN
•Uniformly distributed load of 9kN/m2
•Acoustic performance which meets the most stringent Building Regulations* requirements for airborne sound and footfall (*Building Regulations 2000 Part E)
•Shorter programme times
•All the advantages of off-site construction – superior quality, less material waste and less disruption
•Six storey building capability
•Improved site safety and site cleanliness as the concrete is pre-installed in the factory
•A highly durable terrazzo flooring option, which is factory installed.

YorkonThe new high performance floor has already been used by Sainsbury’s for two superstore extensions.
Commenting on the launch, David Johnson, Director and General Manager of Yorkon, said, “This new option will allow all the benefits of off-site construction to be applied to an even wider range of building uses – for example, areas where pallet trucks may be used or applications requiring the placement of heavy equipment.”
“This is a robust and proven solution, which has already been used to extend the retail sales areas of two superstores, resulting in significantly reduced programme times to the benefit of Sainsbury’s and their customers.”

“As part of our commitment to design and innovation, we are continually looking at new product developments and manufacturing initiatives to further improve the sustainability, performance and design flexibility of our award-winning off-site building system.”

A dedicated concrete floor casting bay has now been installed at the Yorkon production centre in York, integrating the pre-installed concrete floor option into the steel-framed module manufacturing process. The development of the new floor option also involved the construction of two prototype modules for extensive testing, and detailed design calculations, and module lifting and transport trials.

The pre-installation of concrete into modules in a factory environment is easier and safer than on a building site. Concrete can be poured into individual modules which are accessible from most sides, reducing, and in some cases eliminating, the need for extended chutes and pumps. It also allows the grinding and polishing of terrazzo flooring to be carried out under factory-controlled conditions, for cleaner, safer and quieter work on site.

For further information about the new high performance floor option, visit or call 01904 610990.

Editor’s Notes

1.Other new Yorkon initiatives include:

•A new range of ‘greener’ design options to promote the use of renewable sources of energy, reduce carbon emissions and improve recyclability.
•An interactive design tool to help architects and contractors work with off-site construction and produce fast and accurate project drawings.
•Accreditation to ISO 14001 – the internationally recognised standard for reducing impact on the environment.

2.The Yorkon approach to off-site construction offers a number of clear advantages over site-based building methods:

-enhanced thermal efficiency and greater sustainability
-programme times reduced by up to 50 per cent for earlier occupation
-greater cost control and reduced risk for the client or contractor
-less disruption
-improved site safety
-superior quality
-greater design flexibility
-construction waste reduced by up to 90 per cent
-completion on time and on budget.

3.If you wish to publish a telephone number for further information, the number for Yorkon is 01904 610990. Please do not print the agency’s number.

For further PRESS information, please contact:

Joanne Bridges, Bridges Communications
PRO – Yorkon
Tel: 01489 570898
Fax: 01489 570888


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