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VistaPrint: Make Business Cards People Want to Keep

Advice from VistaPrint on how to make the most of business cards

You’ve made new business cards and you are going to hand them out to everyone you see, using the new quick card draw method you’ve been working on.

You’ve become so expert at whipping those business cards out that you’re beginning to feel like a modern day gunslinger. However, you have to wonder how long the recipients will hold onto your cards after you’ve handed them out. Is there a way to make people want to keep business cards around?

Image of examples of the VistaPrint business card printing service

To turn a business card into something people will want to keep, take a look at that valuable blank space on their backs. This is where smart business people do something that helps turn their business cards into keepers — they put something useful in that blank space. Can’t think of anything? Try one of these ideas:

• Measurement conversions are a challenge for most people. If you have a business that relates to cooking or similar household tasks, use the option to type in a company message on the back of your business cards and create a measurement conversion chart.

• Small calendars are always handy for people who just want to check the date – they will keep them on their desks. VistaPrint actually has the option to include a calendar that has been pre-designed for the back of business cards.

• A tasty, but simple recipe that can fit on the back of the card is always a fun option for businesses geared toward mothers or children.

• Logic puzzles are a good fit for almost any business and may turn your card into something that gets passed around the office as everyone tries to solve them.

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About VistaPrint
VistaPrint is making high-quality graphic design and custom printing convenient and affordable for everyone.

With more than 17 million customers worldwide, VistaPrint is the source for high-quality graphic design, Internet printing and premium service. We offer small businesses and consumers a convenient, high-quality solution for graphic design services and full-colour printing in small quantities, without the premium price.

VistaPrint’s printed products are satisfaction guaranteed. In addition, we offer our customers the highest standards in privacy and security.

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