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Why Business Cards Are Still Practical

Despite the innovations to networking and engaging with clients and partners that the modern era has brought, business cards remain one of the most practical and immediate ways of spreading your companies contact details.

Even at digital related events and conferences, business cards remain the way in which even the geekiest of technology professionals share their information. There is no question that print designs for business cards are certainly becoming more complicated and extravagant to attract extra interest but that just proves that they remain a practical and relatively cheap way of sharing important contact details.

Apart from networking and sharing contact details, business cards are also a great way to advertise. If designed correctly, business cards can grab attention, prompt action and portray professionalism. There are many ways this can be achieved, including doing some of the following:

  • Include a professional picture: Will not only help customers remember you but also link your image with the company, position and work you do.
  • “What’s in it for me?”: This is the million dollar question that all customers ask and it is important that your business card addresses this. Including a short phrase or unique selling point about you or your company will help.

These are just two of many tips that can be used to make your business cards better at advertising both yourself and your company.

Beyond the advertising potential business cards can serve they also offer the option of adding a personal touch. When handing out your business card at conferences or events the opportunity will usually arise to write a short note on the back. This will serve two specific purposes:

  • Show the personal care and attention that the prospect can expect from your service.
  • A gentle reminder to the prospect about what had been discussed.

Adding this kind of information and even including the date will give that specific card a greater chance of being kept in the wallet rather than thrown in the rubbish bin.

So despite the many changes that the digital age has made to the way in which we communicate with each other, business cards remain the most practical, and personal, way to network and advertise. And who knows, you might even benefit from a free lunch if you’re lucky enough.

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