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Practicalities of Business Cards

Even though engaging with clients and partners through networking has become more innovative in more recent times, with a business card it remains one of the easiest ways of outsourcing company contact details.

At conferences and other such events business cards are shared amongst delegates and remain as a key networking tool. Business card print designs are ever changing and becoming more prolific to attract interest as a point to remember the person who gave it out. However, this is a great and relatively inexpensive way of sharing important contact information.

Business cards are also a form of advertising, they can grab attention and prompt actions, for example, engaging in new business activities though business card design, and ways in which this can be achieved include:
• Image is everything: by adding a professional picture, not only will this help potential customers remember you, but will also link the image with the business you represent as well as the work you do.
• Include a short phrase, like a unique selling point about your business.

When handing out business cards at conferences and other such events, there may be an opportunity to write a short note on the reverse of the card, which serves several purposes:
• A subtle reminder about what was discussed
• Shows personal care and attention with a potential client or prospect can expect from the company you work in.

Adding this kind of information gives more significance to the card, especially if a date has been included therefore there is a lesser chance of it being thrown away.

Going beyond advertising, business cards can serve as a personal touch and despite the changes that the digital era has developed the way we communicate with each other, business cards always remain practical and personal.

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