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Celebrities are more in the public eye than ever before. The vast majority of all ‘A-Listers’ are registered on social networking sites, allowing ‘ordinary’ members of the public to follow their every move, while scrutinising and critiquing their outfits, among other things.

The coverage celebrities get across the world highlights every single fashion item they wear. Fashion watches are a good example. After Roger Federer won the Men’s Open Championship at Wimbledon in 2012, he sported his Rolex watch while accepting the trophy and giving interviews. (Beckertime, 2012) Another example is fashion and pop-icon Lady Gaga, who has been seen wearing a bright yellow baby-G Casio watch in two of her music videos, “Eh eh (Nothing Else I Can Say)” and “LoveGame” (Mygshock, 2009). All this obvious attention to celebrities’ timepieces gives people a good insight into the style they are advocating.

Following the exposure of celebrities and their style to the general public, they become role models for (normally) younger fans who want to be more like their idols – which includes wearing the same clothes and accessories as their heroes. There are a number of fashion magazines, both in print and online, that closely document the clothing of film stars, sportspeople and pop stars, which leads to a demand from youngsters to get their hands on the same goods. Luckily for them, there are many online stores that sell a wide range of goods from a number of different brands and can so satisfy their demands.

Tictactime is one such online store that stocks scores of brands, including Casio watches that have been seen worn by the likes of Prince Harry and Kanye West, as well as Diesel watches and other well-known fashion watches. Websites like Tictactime make it increasingly easier for people to dress like their favourite celebrities. The access to forums online means that finding out the brand and type of item that a photographed celebrity is wearing is made easier for the public. On top of that, the access to such a wide range of watches by companies online simplifies the task of finding it.

Sometimes the financial situation of ‘non-celebrities’ doesn’t allow them to spend such a lot of money on watches. However, there are plenty of good offers to be found through online shops like Tictactime. Apart from that, there are also different stylish watches available through these online shops that can still make you feel like a celebrity without fetching the top price. They have the capacity to offer a wider range of goods than ‘brick and mortar’ stores. This means that after researching online to find out which brand of watch your favourite pop star is wearing, the internet provides a ‘one-stop shop’ where you can browse the selection of watches available.

Although the celebrity culture is often criticised in various media, having an idol that is famous for all the right reasons can definitely be a positive thing. And if you’re into fashion, the stylish and well-chosen accessories and watches of celebrities are well worth observing. So if you spot that amazing watch on a celebrity that you simply have to have, online shops such as Tictactime will offer you a vast collection of watches to browse through to find it.

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