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5 Spring Trips in Yorkshire in 2013

The spring is here even though the weather doesn’t quite know it yet. Anyway, prepare to forget the cold weather and ready yourself for a little bit of warmth and fresh air. Of course, do not leave your cameras and walking shoes at home. What we present here is a little tip for days out, especially important for this time, coming up to Bank Holiday.

Scarborough Castle

If you need to get away from the busy beaches and the pilgrimages to Anne Bronte’s grave, then Scarborough Castle is a good place of interest. Not only can you use it as a prominent meeting place should your groups splinter into smaller groups, but it also offers super views over the beaches and Yorkshire coastline.

Be aware though that the A64, one of the main routes can become congested and busy, so make sure that you leave yourself plenty of time to get there. Unless, you decide to take the train.

Helmsley Castle

Surprisingly this little market town is a central point from which to undertake numerous trip if the weather allows and you fancy a mix of activities. Helmsley Castle can be a start or end point, well worth a visit, but it also means that you can walk to Rievaulx Abbey or vice versa with a picnic. If the weather turns foul, Thirsk is not far away, for a change of scenery, or if you are more activity based, then Helmsley Castle could be a starting point for a mountain bike trip into the North Yorkshire National Park.


Helmsley Castle


Kirkstall Abbey

A city centre freebie, which will allow you to walk around the abbey, but in addition a chance to play in the park. If you can stand the road noise from the main road, it is an ideal place, as there are transport links. If the English weather does its usual trick then there is a nice café to hide in, but also a museum which can tell you more about the site, on the other side of the road. This part you have to pay for, but it is a small price to keep dry.

 Richmond Castle

Not quite as impressive as Helmsley Castle, but it provides wider open spaces for picnics and run-arounds which may be more suitable. This castle still has an impressive history and also offers a chance to investigate Easby abbey. It is a short walk from the Castle, much like that with Helmsley and Rievaulx. Also Richmond is quite a large market town which allows for wandering around if the mood takes.

Eden Camp

Something not Castle or Abbey related, but it a good spring visit, because should it not suit everyone in your spring getaway group, Flamingo land is nearby, as is the town of Pickering, which offers a Castle (again!!), a church with wall paintings and a chance to take a steam train to Whitby. Even if none of this excites you, then nature calls in the footpaths and trails which take you through wooded valleys, so a chance to stretch those legs.



If you want more tips for spring trips visit this heritage blog.

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