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Whitewater Rafting – Best white water rafting destination worldwide.

Whitewater rafting is a challenging recreational activity; paddling over whirlpools of turbulent water and watching the passing landscapes is the most amazing thing that one can experience. Say thanks to the top quality equipments and world class river professionals that make it possible and convenient for people with little or no experience of rafting to take a trip down to the Zambezi in Africa, Sun Kosi in Nepal and the Rio Futaleufu in Chile. White water rafting ranks ahead from all other adventure rides as the degree of thrill excitement associated with it is incomparable.  Being one of the most popular adventure sports in the world, travelers can easily get Airline Tickets for their desired rafting destination. To make your search easier we have scouted out a list of Best white water rafting destinations worldwide.

  • Zambezi River (Zimbabwe) – Zimbabwe has some of the most challenging and powerful rapids in the world and offers Africa’s most thrilling whitewater rafting experiences and guarantees real challenge even if you are an experienced rafter. The Batoka Gorge offers undisputed hills and dramatic falls and has brute and splashing waves giving you an aggressive and wild rafting experience.
  • Colorado River (Grand Canyon) – Rafting in Colorado is one experience that is hard to forget and the sight of the natural flora and fauna makes it more exclusive. The starting point of the rafting trip is the north-eastern part of Glen Canyon Dam and then the river takes over from there. The area has a lot to offer, from beautiful camp sites on amazing beaches to miles of hiking and rafting paths up the canyon.
  • Costa Rica – It is a popular destination among the rafting enthusiasts as it offers hundreds of miles of whitewater rapids. The rivers range from Class II to Class V rapids and are ideal for adventure junkies and families.  Costa Rica is filled with natural exotic beauty and the amazing wildlife makes it an ideal holiday spot.
  • Futaleufú River, Chile – The River is known for its rafting as well as for its unique permanent river camps. This is the perfect place if you wish to take a break from river rafting, Futaleufú River in Chile is definitely the destination to be and you can also try horseback riding, rock climbing or hiking along the river.

3 Things to keep in mind before you go:

  1. Always wear a life jacket.
  2. Always hire a guide to accompany on your excursion and guide your raft.
  3. Know the rafting rules and regulations, before you hit the water.

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